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Member Networks

The Advertisers Guild's ability to reach large numbers of virtual world users is only made possible by the power of the Member Networks involved with TAG. A Member Network is a pre-existing business entity that has been invited, and chosen, to work with TAG. By contributing a portion of each member network's advertisement display time, these business provide valuable advertising space to businesses working with TAG.


Guild advertising is currently available for advertising across all Member Networks



  AdSoft Advertising Network

Founded in 2005, the AdSoft Network is one of the oldest advertising networks in Second Life and is still leading the way with technological innovation. One of the first centrally controlled networks on the grid, the AdSoft Network soon became the first network to capture impression and click through metrics.

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  AvieMedia Marketing

AvieMedia Marketing is a division of AvieMedia, which has been providing Second Life solutions since 2006 and is an approved Linden Labs Solution Provider.
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  Gnusense Marketing Networks

GnuSense Marketing specializes in Roadside Advertising throughout SecondLife (http://www.SecondLife.com). Exceptional billboard displays and unique locations gives your company the edge for the best roadside grid coverage!

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  Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong Advertising Network

Founded in the first quarter of 2005, Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong Advertising Network (MLGHK-AN) is one of the longest running and largest distributed advertising networks involved with virtual worlds.

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