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Member Networks | Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong Advertising Network

Network Owner:   Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong - http://www.MLGHK.com
Contact:   Chrischun Fassbinder - chrischun@theadvertisersguild.com, chrischun@mlghk.com    

Founded in the first quarter of 2005, Mr. Lee's Greater Hong Kong Advertising Network (MLGHK-AN) is one of the longest running and largest distributed advertising networks involved with 3.D platforms today. Initially developed, and continuing to follow in the present, along the goals of providing big and small businesses alike the ability to easily and directly reach the masses who work and play in the fast growing online medium of virtual worlds.

Display networks owned by MLGHK-AN make use of AdSoft Virtual World Advertising Technologies developed by Code4Software (http://www.code4software.com). Tracking of unique impressions is measured by minute increments running on a 60 minute (hourly) rotation schedule, organized in division by blocks of 500 locations each.

MLGHK-AN has provided over million unique impressions since its conception, with an average click-through return of 1.25%. Our clients have included large entities such as Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation down to smaller virtual world specific sole proprietorships. MLGHK-AN donates a portion of advertising space to Non-Profit Organizations by the belief that advertising has a responsibility of contributing to the greater good beyond informing consumers of commercial opportunities.