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Network Owner:   GnuSense Marketing - http://www.GnuSense.com
Contact:   GnuSense Shepherd - gnusense@theadvertisersguild.com, gnusenseshepherd@gmail.com    

GnuSense Marketing specializes in Roadside Advertising throughout SecondLife (http://www.SecondLife.com). Exceptional billboard displays and unique locations gives your company the edge for the best roadside grid coverage!

Display networks owned by GnuSense Marketing make use of AdSoft Virtual World Advertising Technologies developed by Code4Software (http://www.code4software.com). Tracking of individual impressions is measured by minute increments running on a 60 minute (hourly) rotation schedule.

Originally, the network was intended for SecondLife related products and companies such as advertiser XXXLarge Mall (largest mall in SecondLife). As the network matured, it was realized how real life products could be marketed virtually. Currently, there are a variety of retail websites selling real life products being advertised on the GnuSense Network.

At no charge, "GnuSense Hang-Outs" are provided throughtout the mainland grid for residents to build, conversate with friends, or enjoy solitude. In addition, GnuSense Marketing advertises TIPS to the community to enhance the SecondLife experience.