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Advertisements in Action

Purpose of The Advertisers Guild

The Advertisers Guild promotes the virtual world advertising industry by serving as a unified voice on behalf of advertisers and by connecting businesses to this emerging medium.

Advertising Display Design Contest Sponsored by TAG

The members of TAG understand that many residents would like to see different types of advertising displays other than the ‘floating blocks’ displays currently used. In the interest of being responsible advertisers, TAG sends out the call for designers to submit their best advertising display ideas, with publicity and prizes for the winners.
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TAG Member Networks

The Advertisers Guild's ability to reach large numbers of virtual world users is only made possible by the power of the Member Networks involved with TAG. A Member Network is a pre-existing business entity that has been invited, and chosen, to work with TAG. By contributing a portion of each member network's advertisement display time, these business provide valuable advertising space to businesses working with TAG.
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Code of Ethics Practiced By The Guild

Basic Principles, A. Strong respect and consideration for all users of virtual world environments. This principle is further strengthened by our continual goals of listening to the community as TAG guild members are part of the community.

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